Truckers at JA Jebel Ali Beach Resort

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We know we know. Saturday’s can be tricky. It’s the last day of the weekend, you’re in a dilemma of whether to just sit at home and watch your favorite Netflix series, or maybe sleep as much as you can, or even go for a chilled out coffee date (like we do) that involves minimal moving around. Saturday’s indeed can be tricky. But what if you told you about this particular ‘social gathering’ phenomenon that has recently emerged a few months ago that involves good music, great vibes, free entry and of course a gazillion (well, not quite) Food Trucks to feast to your heart’s content from? Well, if you haven’t heard of the Truckers DXB event that happens every Saturday, it’s time to get out of your hole.
Truckers at JA Jebel Ali Beach Resort | Core Me
Truckers DXB is an outdoor food event that happens every Saturdayusually from 5 pm until 11 pm. The locations vary from a golf course to a desert, to even a beach club. But no matter where they camp, they’re bound to throw you an awesome night! We’ve attended Truckers DXB about four times now, and it’s obvious why – the best home-grown trucks of the country under one roof!
Truckers at JA Jebel Ali Beach Resort | Core Me
Last week we headed to the Truckers Beach event located at Jebel Ali Beach Hotel and Resort. The location was scenic and serene, powered by the cool ocean breeze and groovy tunes.
Truckers at JA Jebel Ali Beach Resort | Core Me
Don’t forget to visit The Shebi Food Truck and have their delicious Falafel Paratha and Acai Bowl, Moshi Food Truck and try their mouth-watering dynamite shrimp and Calle Tacos for their unbelievably flavorful shrimp tacos and churros.
Truckers at JA Jebel Ali Beach Resort | Core Me

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